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  • Configuration Update v2.4.1 is published (October 22, 2016)
    This configuration update includes the following:
    • CloudFlare.com Update: Previously, IP Monitor simply updated the parts (like IP address) of the DDNS records and it was silent about the record’s HTTP proxy state. This approach retained the HTTP Proxy state of the updated DDNS record. However, due to a recent and apparent protocol change at CloudFlare, the HTTP Proxy state of DDNS records becomes disabled when updated by IP Monitor. With disabled HTTP Proxy state, CloudFlare stops delivering your site’s content and forwards HTTP requests to your server. With this configuration update, IP Monitor explicitly retains the HTTP Proxy state when updating the DDNS records. CloudFlare.com users must also login, review each DNS record’s HTTP Proxy settings (grey or orange cloud icons) and correct them if necessary.
    • Dynv6.com Update: Dynv6.com has recently changed successful DDNS record update status string from "host updated" to "addresses updated". This change resulted incorrect "Failure: addresses updated" status, when the record update was indeed successful. With this configuration update, IP Monitor accepts "host updated" and "addresses updated" status strings as successful completions.
    • Now-IP.com Support: This configuration update adds support for DDNS provider Now-IP.com.
    To install this update select "Configuration Updates..." menu item from the status bar menu and follow the instructions. Please note that you do not need to restart IP Monitor after installation of configuration updates.

  • IP Monitor v2.4 update is available (September 20, 2016)
    IP Monitor v2.4 update is available through Apple Mac App Stores around the world. This update fixes compatibility issues with macOS Sierra (v10.12), fixes third-party VPN detection (and false detection) issues under certain conditions. It also excludes the "BackToMyMac" network interface from the active networks list. This update is highly recommended for macOS Sierra users. It is also recommended for third-party VPN users on earlier macOSs. Please see FAQ titled "Which third-party VPN clients are supported?" in the support page.

  • IP Monitor Google+ Community is formed
    Google+ Do you have a suggestion, or have a question, or need support to make things work? Please join our IP Monitor Google+ Community and share your ideas, questions and issues with the rest of us.

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