Welcome to AppQuarter

Welcome to AppQuarter, home of dDNS Broker (formerly known as IP Monitor), an awesome dynamic DNS update client for Mac.

We are a small business operating in Portland, Oregon USA. We develop applications for Apple products and market these applications on Apple App Stores around the world. Our first application is a dynamic DNS update client for Mac. Currently, we are developing our second application. This one will be an awesome Apple TV application.

We encourage our customers to take a few minutes and provide ratings and/or reviews at Apple Mac App Store. Whether negative, positive or neutral, we value each customer rating or review as they are practically the only feedback we receive from our customers.

For critiques, suggestions, and comments, please follow this link to send us a note. You can also send us an email. We promise to read and respond to every note and email. You can also get in touch with us at dDNS Broker Google+ Community.

With warm regards,
The AppQuarter Team


  • dDNS Broker v2.5 update is available (April 9, 2017)
    The IP Monitor application is now called dDNS Broker. Its icon color has changed and we have a new web site as well. We have been working on dDNS Broker v2.5 since October 2016. It contains some fundamental improvements (like (1) Detecting public IPv4 correctly for systems behind a transparent proxy, and (2) Detecting presence of third party VPN clients and connections.), as well as countless adjustments and improvements to the application. Please go to dDNS Broker Support Web Site and read more about new features and improvements.

  • IP Monitor v2.4 update is available (September 20, 2016)
    IP Monitor v2.4 update is available through Apple Mac App Stores around the world. This update fixes compatibility issues with macOS Sierra (v10.12), fixes third-party VPN detection (and false detection) issues under certain conditions. It also excludes the "BackToMyMac" network interface from the active networks list. This update is highly recommended for macOS Sierra users. It is also recommended for third-party VPN users on earlier macOSs. Please see FAQ titled "Which third-party VPN clients are supported?" in the support page.