Welcome to AppQuarter

Welcome to AppQuarter, home of dDNS Broker SE, an awesome dynamic DNS update client for Mac.

We are a small business operating in Portland, Oregon USA. We develop applications for Apple products and market these applications on Apple App Stores around the world. Our first application is a dynamic DNS update client for Mac. Currently, we are developing our second application. This one will be an awesome Apple TV application.

We encourage our customers to take a few minutes and provide ratings and/or reviews at Apple Mac App Store. Whether negative, positive or neutral, we value each customer rating or review as they are practically the only feedback we receive from our customers.

For critiques, suggestions, and comments, please send us an email. We promise to read and respond to every email.

With warm regards,
The AppQuarter Team


  • dDNS Broker SE v1.0.4 is available (Sep 17th, 2021)
    We are thrilled to introduce dDNS Broker SE. The first version (v1.0.4) of this app is released and it is available from Apple Mac App Stores all around the world.

    If you are an existing dDNS Broker v2.9 customer, you can export your current dynamic DNS records from dDNS Broker v2.9 to a file, and then import those records to dDNS Broker SE.
  • dDNS Broker v2.9 is available (Nov 1st, 2019)
    dDNS Broker v2.9 is released and it is available from Apple Mac App Stores all around the world. Below is the summary of improvements over dDNS Broker v2.8:
    • Fixed crash on macOS 10.15 Catalina defect
    • Removed error prone Configuration Update mechanism
    • Improved user interface in Dark Mode
    • Fixed other known defects