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  • Incorrect identification of "NonNativeVPN" defect (July 18, 2016)
    One of our customers has identified a defect on IP Monitor v2.1 and brought to our attention. When the "Back to My Mac" feature of iCloud is enabled, IP Monitor v2.1 incorrectly identifies the "Back to My Mac" VPN as a "NonNativeVPN" and effectively disables the common networking interfaces (like: Ethernet and Wi-Fi). A fix has been identified and will be included in IP Monitor v2.2 in about 3-4 weeks. Meanwhile, you can workaround the defect by disabling iCloud's "Back to My Mac" feature on your Mac server.

    Update (August 24, 2016): Due to unforeseen delays in the validation phase, IP Monitor v2.2 is now expected to be released in about 2 weeks.

  • Configuration Update v2.1.1 is available (July 1, 2016)
    The configuration update, v2.1.1, is published. IP Monitor utilizes the configuration update process to update and maintain the dynamic DNS providers database. This update adds support for CityNetwork.se, duiaDNS, and FreeDNS.Afraid.org (v2). Some attributes of Hurricane Electric are updated as well. Please refer to Managing Configuration Updates tutorial to learn more about the configuration updates and how to install them.

  • IP Monitor v2.1 update is available (June 14, 2016)
    IP Monitor v2.1 update is available through Apple Mac App Stores around the world. This update introduces non-native (third party) VPN client support. It also introduces a new, simplified networking mode that displays and monitors only the system default network interface. This update is recommended for all users as it contains important stability and usability improvements.

  • IP Monitor Google+ Community is formed
    Google+ Do you have a suggestion, or have a question, or need support to make things work? Please join our IP Monitor Google+ Community and share your ideas, questions and issues with the rest of us.

  • App Store Customer Reviews
    We encourage our customers to write about their impression of IP Monitor in the form of "Customer Review" at the App Store. Negative, neutral, or positive; we value them all as they constitute practically the only feedback we get from our customers. Please note that customer reviews are anonymous, hence we have no means to get in touch with you.

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