IP Monitor — The Ultimate Dynamic DNS Update Client for Mac

Icon IP Monitor is an OS X application that monitors the public IPv4 and IPv6 addresses of your Mac. When it detects a change in any public IP address, IP Monitor updates the DNS records at your dynamic DNS provider. Immediate update of DNS records allows uninterrupted access to your server via the internet.

IP Monitor works with more than 35 popular DDNS service providers and can monitor public IP address changes across multiple active network interfaces. Since IP Monitor can distinguish between separate networks, it works without interruption should your server ever be on the move, either physically or virtually. If your ISP does not support IPv6, you can sign-up with IPv6 tunnel brokers to make your site accessible to IPv6-only clients. IP Monitor can notify supported IPv6 tunnel brokers when your system’s IPv4 address changes.

From the straightforward on/off switch to the color-coded tables listing active networks and their preferences, IP Monitor’s user interface was built for intuitive usage. The user interface’s dialog dynamically adapts to each service provider’s features and terminology, while info buttons provide guidance at each step. And, if something doesn’t go as expected, simply consult the service provider-specific diagnostic report offered with each query and update attempt. Meanwhile, sensitive information, like passwords, are saved only in your system’s keychain.

Upon each login, IP Monitor will start running in the background, only alerting you, should you choose, to IP address changes, dynamic DNS record updates, and changes in active network interfaces—out of sight, but always keeping you up to date.

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  • IP Monitor supports IPv4 and IPv6. Specifically, IP Monitor supports both IPv4 and IPv6 networking stacks, detects changes to public IPv4 and IPv6 addresses, and supports updating both A (IPv4) and AAAA (IPv6) DNS records. Even our web site is accessible by IPv6-only clients.

  • IP Monitor supports popular dynamic DNS providers. We plan to add support for more DNS providers regularly. If you do not see your favorite provider on the list, help us prioritize its support by sending us a note.

  • IP Monitor runs silently in the background. However it sends alert-style user notifications when it needs to catch your attention. Notification include IP address changes, network interface state changes, availability of configuration updates, successful updates of dynamic DNS records, and failed updates of dynamic DNS records.

  • This application periodically checks for the availability of configuration updates. This mechanism allows us to add support for more dynamic DNS providers, and update attributes of the already supported ones.

  • IP Monitor discovers active networks public IPv4 address by querying remote sites. More than 250 sites that respond to three different protocols (http, smtp and stun) are provided. Any user-defined IP address can be used, as well.

  • To ensure availability of its services, IP Monitor can launch automatically upon login. Upon the first launch, IP Monitor provides the option to auto-launch on subsequent logins. This option can be changed any time via the menu in the status bar.

  • Any active network, including native and third-party VPNs can be monitored for public IP address change. Three distinct active network identification modes provide a spectrum of capabilities, while maintaining a fine balance between simplicity and functionality.